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What’s Happening?

It’s almost the end of 2016 already! Can you believe it? 2016 was a challenging year for so many and we seem to be living in very uncertain times too.

It’s the time of year when New Year’s Resolutions become top of mind and yet the stats show that although many people make resolutions, they aren’t that easy to keep. Curious to know why, I set out to write a piece New Year’s Resolutions: Why We Do What We Do, to explore what the top resolutions are and why they are so hard to keep. You can find the piece by heading HERE.

The first post in my series on Health, 3 Wildly Popular Health Myths—That Aren’t True, debunked myths about calories and weight, diet as the key to getting all the nutrition we need and that all supplements are created equal!

The second post in the series Dietary Fat: Friend or Foe to Our Health looks at three very popular myths about ‘fats’ that aren’t true and never have been.

And the third post, Why Do We Need Antioxidants Anyway? was a look at how important they are to our health. Enjoy them and please let me know which health myths you’d like to know more about.

Change. It’s an interesting phenomena to look at. We humans say we want change, yet often we resist the very change we are wanting to see. In my latest Huffington Post piece, I explore comparisons of the 60s to today and show how the astrology almost predicts the revolutionary times we are once again witnessing. Read my post, “You Say You Want a Revolution“, by heading HERE.

As someone who strives to understand why people do what they do, I admit that the recent world events have been very troubling to me. A brief trip to the local pond and I was struck by how the natural world lives so easily in community and cooperation. Nature has always been man’s most profound teacher and yet we seem to have ignored the lessons. The resulting piece, Rediscovering Our Humanity Through Nature” is a look at why we humans would be wise to stop and look at the lessons the natural world has to offer us. You can read the post HERE.