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“Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie” is a book about the power of the human spirit. About taking the word “impossible” and … read more

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This candid, conversational memoir affirms the power of intuition, teaching us to never underestimate the role of questioning…read more

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Some of my favourite things are reading, writing, movies, art, traveling and astrology!  Guess this makes me somewhat of a…read more

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What’s Happening?

Spring is definitely in the air this first week of April here in Toronto. One of my great joys is the ability to walk daily and see the return of blue skies and the incredible clouds above me. Here’s a reworking of a piece on a wonderful site I am so delighted to have my writings shared on, Family Guiding. The integrity and quality of what they are sharing is truly appreciated. Enjoy my meanderings in “The Ineffable Wonder of Clouds” by going here.

This week I had an incredibly lively and engaged conversation with Lillian McDermott on her show When You Need a Friend. Without saying too much, I can only encourage you to listen in and see what you think. Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

This month I had the pleasure of being featured on This Is Writing, sharing a behind the scenes look at what my life as a writer looks like. People seem fascinated about the process of a writer (especially those who don’t think they can write), so hope you enjoy this inside look at both my writing process and how my book Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie was birthed to the world. You can read the whole interview by going here.

Recently I had the pleasure of being introduced to a young man who grew up in a very rich and famous Hollywood family. In spite of the fame and fortune, his life spiralled out of control and his new book Unlimiting You is his story of getting back up, transforming his life and now using his experiences to help others transform their lives. Here’s my latest piece on the Huffington Post. “Spelling it All Out on The Page“. Enjoy this wonderful story of Randy Spelling and how he now inspires others to live their most meaningful lives.