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What’s Happening?

Health is such a key topic in our world today and for us all, we are looking for ways to optimize our well being in proven effective ways. While reading an article recently, I was struck by a mention that Curcumin was now being shown to help people suffering Depression! With that tidbit of info, I set out to research more about Curcumin and it’s many health benefits. You can read what I found in my article, “Curcumin – Good for Body and Mind“.

Recently I had the pleasure of being a guest on Reba Linker’s video interview series, “Paint Yourself Into the Picture”. It was an interesting experience for many reasons and as a compliment to the conversation, I began to think about healing and how art had been so key in my healing journey. What I realized was that Healing is an Art“. Enjoy both the article and you can watch the interview by itself HERE.

Wasn’t January a memorable month? The world seemed to have been turned upside down and the changes are coming fast and furiously! As someone who stand for rights…human, environmental and animal rights, I see how all of the things we hold near and dear are being called into question and are at risk. I chose to march on January 20th here in Toronto, to support the historic Women’s March on Washington! I created my own sign and marched in solidarity with 60,000 others. Here’s the resulting Huffington Post piece with thoughts from others on why they marched! Head here to read “Toronto Women’s March: I’ve Always Been Marching in My Own Way.

The first post in my series on Health, 3 Wildly Popular Health Myths—That Aren’t True, debunked myths about calories and weight, diet as the key to getting all the nutrition we need and that all supplements are created equal!

The second post in the series Dietary Fat: Friend or Foe to Our Health looks at three very popular myths about ‘fats’ that aren’t true and never have been.

And the third post, Why Do We Need Antioxidants Anyway? was a look at how important they are to our health. Enjoy them and please let me know which health myths you’d like to know more about.

Change. It’s an interesting phenomena to look at. We humans say we want change, yet often we resist the very change we are wanting to see. In my latest Huffington Post piece, I explore comparisons of the 60s to today and show how the astrology almost predicts the revolutionary times we are once again witnessing. Read my post, “You Say You Want a Revolution“, by heading HERE.