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This candid, conversational memoir affirms the power of intuition, teaching us to never underestimate the role of questioning…read more

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What’s Happening?

If you are like me,  you’re someone who has deep reverence and love for animals. As a passionate elephant lover, I’ve become very conscious of how much cruelty there is on this planet towards animals…both domestic and wild. My latest post “Raising Our Consciousness About Animal Cruelty” started with a simple headline I saw online and had me wanting to explore more. Read more HERE.

Having just returned from a perfect two weeks in Sedona, Arizona, my love for and awe of nature, continues to deepen. This trip was very reflective and also inspirational and resulted in my new Huffington Post piece, We Need to Consciously Spend More Quality Time in Nature.

As I’ve gotten older, my curiosity and sensitivity to the natural world has continued to deepen. I realized that so many of us do not even stop to be in nature when we have the opportunity to. This prompted me to research the healing benefits of nature and to share my findings in my new Huffington Post piece, Nature Can Heal Humanity.

Keeping with the theme of health and wellbeing, it dawned on me that we are living in a time with almost unlimited choices when it comes to overall ‘fitness’ of body, mind and spirit. It prompted me to look at fitness in a new light…through the ‘new age’ lens. See what you think in “Are We in a New Age of Fitness?” Fitness, has never been so easy! Love to hear your thoughts after you read the piece HERE.

Health is such a key topic in our world today and for us all, we are looking for ways to optimize our well being in proven effective ways. While reading an article recently, I was struck by a mention that Curcumin was now being shown to help people suffering Depression! With that tidbit of info, I set out to research more about Curcumin and it’s many health benefits. You can read what I found in my article, “Curcumin – Good for Body and Mind“.

Recently I had the pleasure of being a guest on Reba Linker’s video interview series, “Paint Yourself Into the Picture”. It was an interesting experience for many reasons and as a compliment to the conversation, I began to think about healing and how art had been so key in my healing journey. What I realized was that Healing is an Art“. Enjoy both the article and you can watch the interview by itself HERE.

The first post in my series on Health, 3 Wildly Popular Health Myths—That Aren’t True, debunked myths about calories and weight, diet as the key to getting all the nutrition we need and that all supplements are created equal!

The second post in the series Dietary Fat: Friend or Foe to Our Health looks at three very popular myths about ‘fats’ that aren’t true and never have been.

And the third post, Why Do We Need Antioxidants Anyway? was a look at how important they are to our health. Enjoy them and please let me know which health myths you’d like to know more about.