Lani Billard - Reiki Master

Lani's love of animals started when she was a very young girl. She has always felt a strong and passionate connection to them, as if there was a silent communication and understanding between her and them. Having always been curious about the spiritual side of life, once she discovered Reiki, she instantly knew that this would be the perfect way for her to work with animals. Animals are very sensitive and intuitive and respond well on an energetic level. She believes that Reiki plus animals is an ideal synergistic blend.

Lani feels privileged to have studied with world renowned animal communicator and healer Lynn Mackenzie and with William Lee Rand, Reiki Master and founder of the International Center for Reiki Training.

Lani believes that healthy animals equal healthy humans and this leads to a healthier world for us all to live in. She looks forward to meeting you and your animal.


"Lani Billard's natural healing abilities combined with her deep passion for animals are a priceless combination. My dog loves her!"

Many Blessings,
Lynn McKenzie

"Lani has a soothing and positive presence which my cats can feel the minute she walks into the room. They love her!!"

Katey M

"Gunnar was a hyper mini pin with a high level of anxiety. After several meetings with Lani he is significantly calmer and is now relaxed in situations where he was previously stressed and uncomfortable."

Chantelle Miller