It is very important to have an open mind about the Reiki treatment, as this will allow your animal to relax and be open to accepting the Reiki energy. I will meet with you and your animal at your home or the place where the animal lives. Animals are much more comfortable and less stressed in their own environment. When "in person", it does not necessarily mean hands-on. I might offer Reiki with the animal a few inches, to a few feet away, or even with the animal across the room, as not all animals will allow hands-on treatments. Each animal will determine how they will receive the Reiki, how much they receive, and for how long. The average session usually lasts from a half hour to an hour. In rare cases the animal will not accept the Reiki.

Number of sessions/treatments needed:
Every animal's needs are different. Depending on the issue/situation, results can be seen immediately, or within a day or two. Sometimes multiple treatments are needed over a short period of time.

Signs of acceptance:
Animals will often relax when receiving the energy. They may lay down, or fall asleep. They may yawn, lick, or sigh. Water is important to have available, as they often become thirsty during and after the treatment. Water also helps to restore balance and cleanse.

Contact for pricing and session information.

**Reiki does not replace veterinary or medical care. It is an alternative modality for therapeutic purposes only**